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Get ready to decide your next character! This page rolls random themes and then suggests archetypes and power sets that fit those themes. Alternatively, you can just roll completely random archetypes and power sets to give you ideas.

Suggestions for You

The suggestions tab has two modes. You can Roll Random to get a completely random set of archetypes and power sets to consider. You can also Roll Themes to get two thematic choices for primary and secondary power sets, and the results will attempt to find primary and secondary power sets that fit those themes, as well as the archetypes that have those power sets. If you prefer a little more certainty in your life, you can use Choose Themes to pick one or both themes before rolling.

Choose an issue:

Congratulations! Your hero uses:

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And they shall be known as:


Try these archetypes and power sets:

Primary Power Set
Secondary Power Set

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Having trouble coming up with that perfect name for your super hero? Let the magic of randomness help! You can roll completely random names below, or you can choose a theme or two to influence the results.

Names for:

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If you know you're not interested in playing certain archetypes or themes at all, you can exclude them here by checking the appropriate boxes. Any excluded archetypes will be removed from consideration on the Suggestions tab for both themes and random rolls. Excluded themes will be removed from theme rolls, but you can still use the Choose Themes button to select them explicitly.

Note: The HEATs and VEATs are excluded by default since their power set choices are limited and don't offer much in the way of suggestions.

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Themes and Power Sets

This section is provided for reference. Below you can see each theme that is possible to roll as well as the associated power sets. If a power set is shown as part of a theme, all archetypes that share that power set are included.

If you have any suggestions for new themes or power set associations, feel free to send me a message on the Homecoming forums or Tweet at me!

All themes and power sets ()

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